It is always a pleasure to address clients, stakeholders, and the public directly regarding the welfare of Greenpath International Inc. As President/CEO of Greenpath International Inc., I take much pride in apprising you about the progress, challenges, and strides made by Greenpath in 2018, and what Greenpath plan for 2019.

Secondly, there have been a consistently large number of individuals suffering from mental health illnesses, and substance use disorders that have passed through the doors Greenpath program for treatment services without enough qualified treatment programs. Without mental health professional, quality of care, and delivery of services how could Greenpath sustain these number of clients growing at the alarming rate? However, in spite of the lack of reimbursement from the MCO at the period mentioned above, the alarming growing rates of clients, the lack of qualified staff, and lack of appropriate treatment programs, Greenpath was still able to provide services for those needing help with their illnesses. More or less, it wasn’t just Greenpath being one of the top providers of behavioral health and substance abuse services in the New Orleans metro area. It wasn’t just because Greenpath provides services to the impoverished or underserved. It wasn’t just because services are provided to anyone in need of these services, regardless of their ability to pay: But it is because of the mission, vision, and caring of Greenpath in juxtaposition with the variety of quality of qualified and experienced staff at the company.

To justify the above statement, the 2018 program evaluation conducted by an outside evaluator Dr. Lenz speaks louder to the impeccable nature of growth and the quality of services provided by Greenpath. According to the evaluation, clients, staff, and stakeholder’s satisfaction from the various programs provided by Greenpath is worth noting. In the evaluation, Dr. Lenz surmises that Greenpath International, Inc. engaged about 377 consumers across three service packages of behavioral health, substance use, and functional family therapy (FFT) services represent an increase in caring capacity is more than double than the 2015 evaluation term. A case in point is the substance use program which had a huge success rate of 46% client completion of services which is more than the national average with substance abuse programs.

The strength of Greenpath, the quality of services, and program outcome were measured by drug screening tests and satisfactory client surveys which were viewed as a positive outcome for consumer engagement across all services that Greenpath provides. Another satisfaction determinant by consumers of Greepath is its location, cleanliness, and the easy accessibility of Greenpath facilities. Another success marker comes from staff support, provider competence, and responsiveness. More than likely that these successes may have arisen from the high quality the staff which comes from a different cultural background and their clients alike.

Given the nature of Greenpath’s Quality Improvement Program plan: The Urine Drug Screen makes a difference in people’s lives. With this drug screen results, Greenpath monitors individual treatment progress, safety, and program outcome. Greenpath understands the rate at which many individual sufferers of substance use disorder and behavioral health engages in illicit drug use. Greenpath understands that some individuals use both pain pills and psychotropic medications without informing their doctors what medication they are taking. Greenpath understands the addiction problems in and out of the metro areas. Mitigating the above assertion, utilizing the drug screen and checking clients Physician Monitoring Program (PMP) makes it imperative to prevent issues associated with liability, safety, through the quality of care.

Finally, just a shout out to the stakeholders and the public that Greenpath still maintains its status as an HRSA site. As an HRSA site, licensed behavioral health professional’s seeking employment at Greenpath may receive repayment or partial repayment of student loans via the loan repayment program for two to three years. Licensed clinicians who are interested in employment are urged to apply for positions at Greenpath.

I do believe that the findings, recommendations from the program evaluation, and the gamut of the quality of staff and services provided by Greenpath company will positively impact treatment programs in the greater New Orleans area. What else can I say, than to report that the union of Greenpath welfare is strong.

Greenpath immediate plan for the next year 2019 is to open up or seek for any grant that would help with the opioid crisis that is devastating across the continental US.

Again, on behalf of the Board of Directors and all staff, we look forward to serving your needs and building a healthier community. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. We are happy to announce that the state of Greenpath status is strong as Greenpath’s doors remain open in 2019!