The Best Care

Our Behavioral Health Program is systematically tailored to target the psychological/emotional presenting issues of individuals from the age of five (5) to late adulthood.


Initial assessments are done face to face with the identified client and/or collateral contact at the agency. The identified client will be administered a comprehensive Biopsychosocial assessment by a licensed clinician.

Following the initial assessment, the next step is to scheduled the client for a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with one of our seasoned psychiatrists.

The next step after the comprehensive Psychiatric evaluation, the client will be immediately be linked to a qualified, skilled Mental Health Professional that joins with the identified client within their natural environs (school, home, community, etc.) which aid in increased comfort, promotion of rapport and the mental health professional (MHP) receiving direct exposure to the client’s presenting issues. Ultimately, via the union and continuity of psychiatric and counseling services, The goal is to aid in client stabilization and optimal psychological functioning